• Scale Day 2023
    Scale Day 2023
  • Mass EDF Launch - Scale Day 2023
    Mass EDF Launch - Scale Day 2023
  • Mass EDF Launch -  Scale Day 2023
    Mass EDF Launch - Scale Day 2023
  • Scale Day 2023
    Scale Day 2023

club logo 250Founded in 1973 we are a well respected club located in north Dorset.  We are a fixed wing model flying club of 100+ members many of whom have had a lifetime of experience in model building and flying. We hold many RC events for fun and competition throughout the year.  We regularly support local communities and charitable events with static and flying displays.

 We are open for new members and especially the younger generation who will carry on the hobby of model flying acquiring skills that our older members have passed on and continuing to carry on the aims of the club into the future. An article that you may find useful for those considering the hobby and for parents of juniors.

As you have arrived on this page are you interested in taking up this immersive and exciting hobby then here are some common questions answered...........


BMFA  Club No: 2054     CASC Reg 05590       

Memberships Available*    Training available for Novices

For information on Joining Us please read our FAQs  page or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

* Subject to numbers


latest news and stories


Mon, May 22nd 2023

Highlights of our annual event featuring warbirds, general aviation models and turbine jets. Sunny day luckily (this is England and it's lucky when you consider the event...


Tue, May 9th 2023

The B25 Mitchell has rarely seen the light of day since purchased back in 2014.  It had it's maiden around that time by pilot Jon Tappin.  It appeared again on a...


 With high winds forecast it meant there was another option for some club members. Slope soaring or combat wing flying where the lucky and the excellent pilots avoid...

Mon, Mar 27th 2023

David died on Sunday 26th of February 2022 after having survived a close shave with a ruptured aorta back in January 2017 which led to open heart surgery as a result of...

Thu, Mar 2nd 2023

Last year in late Summer I had the opportunity to buy a second-hand Nexus Twin Otter. I love these aircraft. As they were out of stock everywhere I grabbed the chance to...

Thu, Feb 2nd 2023

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more stories....

Tuesday, 04 September 2012 09:10

Wether you are planning to install just mains or trike retracts on scale model until now you...

Tuesday, 28 September 2021 10:01

Scrap Box Challenge A Lockdown Project.  Hopefully by the time this is published,...

Monday, 03 September 2018 10:44

Another warbird for John's Soviet fleet? The [[Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3]] was a Soviet fighter and...

Monday, 30 January 2023 16:04

Length 1120mm, Wingspan 1800mm,Engine – Saito FA-40a, 4 function RC The full-size Cub was...

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