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club logo 250Founded in 1973 we are a well respected club located in north Dorset.  We are a fixed wing model flying club of 100+ members many of whom have had a lifetime of experience in model building and flying. We hold many RC events for fun and competition throughout the year.  We regularly support local communities and charitable events with static and flying displays.  We are open for new members and especially the younger generation who will carry on the hobby of model flying, acquiring skills that our older members have passed on and continuing to carry on the aims of the club into the future.    Are you interested in taking up this immersive and exciting hobby?  For more information on joining us and legislation please read our FAQs first.


BMFA  Club No: 2054     CASC Reg 05590        Memberships Available    Training available for Novices

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Tue, Apr 9th 2024

Carl Goldberg Models. 2 meter wingspan electric glider for 3 function RC Looking for something to pass the time, whilst I waited for a new large petrol model, I saw this...


Mon, Mar 4th 2024

I acquired this AcroWot from a club member who bought it from our late club membership secretary.  It is in pristine condition and had minmal flights.  Simon the...


This is the follow on story of the sound module project for the Hangar 9 Twin Otter and later on the slightly smaller Nexa Canadian Rescue Twin Otter although it would be...

Mon, Jan 8th 2024

 A Miss Molly - Sports aerobatic model, 4 function, 1137mm span, Saito FA-40a. I decided to build this model, because I’d finished building / repairing everything else,...

Sun, Jan 7th 2024

With the weather being rather unsettled for RC flying I decided on an indoor job to keep me occupied. A little test project using a "Mr RC world" module to simulate the...

Tue, Jan 2nd 2024

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Sunday, 29 April 2018 18:56

After a disaster some years ago Pete decided to build another [[Hawker Hurricane]], the initial...


Saturday, 20 January 2018 14:47

Dave Roger's Spitfire MKII by Hangar 9 (discontinued) fitted with inverted 120 four stroke, 15x8...


Friday, 20 January 2023 15:14

On a sunny October afternoon in 2022 an alert went up to Scramble. Although there were only a...


Monday, 16 May 2022 10:50

An attempt to make world record of as many model aircraft in the air at a preset time was to mark...

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