Wimborne MAC Video

Yak 130


Jet Legend 1/4 scale Yak 130, controlled by Jeti Centralbox400, JR servos, twin JetCat 180, LMA ( Large Model Association ) cleared. Weight 24kg dry. Jiri bought this popular aircraft second hand from another local modeller. It has had a number of great flights in the latter part of this year, 2020.

This flight was filmed in September 2020.  Jiri has, as with all his jets past and present he takes his time with final set ups and configuration. 


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L39 Albatross


L39 Albatros from Fey Bao 1:5 scale,  beautifully painted and weathered from the factory,  custom number 79 as the owner's birth year :-)  He has done modifications to gear doors so they close after gear down for the super scale look.  JR servos all round,  Jeti Radio System with dual receivers redundancy,  speed, fuel, pressure , voltage and mAh Jeti  sensors for real time telemetry in flight,  Power Box smoke system,  Jeti 5400mAh batteries running all servos,  Jet Tronics valves on gear , doors , front battery hatch, air brakes and wheel brakes,  Jet Tronics sequencer and don't forget the Mighty Evo Jet 180 Jet engine, FTC bubble trap,  Festo fittings all round and Uni Lights pro lighting system that gives the model outstanding scale presence.  This baby took him a little over a year to put together and he did take his time to make sure everything is perfect. 


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T33 "Shooting Star"

T33 in flight at Cashmoor

Jon bought the airframe 2nd hand, it had previously been registered through the LMA scheme at 21.5kg, but he wanted to try to get it under 20kg as lighter always flies better and it avoided the complication of going through the LMA inspection scheme. A friend who also has one, suggested Jon does a mod to move the engine forward from it’s standard position behind the centre of gravity, to in line with it, moving it forward around 300mm.

This turned out to be a lot of work, but resulted in removing over 500g of lead from the nose to get it balanced. Final finished weight was now 19.8kg. Following the test flights on the 31st August in the film Jon decided to add another 100g of lead as it was a little too tail heavy, so the model is now at 19.9kg.


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Spitfire MK IX

seagull spitfire

Previously test flown successfully and in this video the owner, Simon gets a chance on the sticks assisted by Jon our top test pilot. This the 80 inch wingspan version from Seagull models. Powered by an OS 40cc four stroke petrol engine, 10 servos. The model comes with split flaps and retracts with oleo legs. This is Simon's pride and joy!  This version has invasion stripes so is much later than the speech by Winston Churchill in 1940 featured at the beginning of this video. Back then they would've had just camoflage.

Simon says:
In 1979 attempted to build a Mick Reeves kit Spitfire. Failed to finish it and along with an original Chris Foss Wot4 kit that I had built and 4 channel Futaba radio set sold up and gave up the hobby. Much later on......


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