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Pilot Photo Panorama

An attempt to make world record of as many model aircraft in the air at a preset time was to mark the centenary of the British Model flying Association. Over 200 clubs registered to take part. The attempt time was set as 15th May 2022 at 12 midday. British weather is unpredictable and the wind was blustery and a crosswind to the clubs runway. Grey clouds and intermittent rain. However, at minute to midday the rain stopped and the skies lightened with little patches of blue sky. We managed to get 29 models in the air from 27 pilots.  Gliders up first high followed by an assortment for fixed wing and then followed by the EDF crew plus . A few seconds from midday the Lidl chuck gliders were launched.  The flights were thrilling and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun until batteries were getting low.  Strangely no collisions in the air or on the ground where models were scattered around


The great looking Carf SportJet in Jolly Roger livery. Single Evojet 180 turbine, JetiCentral Box 220, Hitec Servos all round. Styled as the Eurofighter Typhoon. With added led lwing ighting to make it more visible especiall yon days like the day it was flown with overcast skies and intermittent Sun breaking through. This flight was not the first but not having had much sticktime on it Jiri is getting to grips with it's handling which is superb. Landings though have to be got just right, it wants to just keep going!

Early October and the weather is fair for a while yet so the field gets as much use as possible.  Jon Tappin starts his day at the field with some aerobatic and 3D flying with his Extreme Flight 85 inch wingspan Extra.  Smooth rollings, tumbles and hanging on the prop. Powered by a DLE61 blowing through a MVVS canister muffler.  Such a spectacular thing to watch with not much room for errors.  Jon was unaware that I had the camera running although I originally wanted to set up the white balance in readness for a another member's Jet maiden later  in the day. See MIG 29


mig 29

Picked the model up from club member Mark Vandervelden late last year. He decided he wasn’t going to get round to putting it together .  Although being similar to my F15 it was thought to be an easier airframe to handle due to a wider track undercarriage, ailerons and flaps which I don’t have on the F15.  Mark did the install of fuel and air lines and also installed the fuel tanks and some fuselage mounted servos.  I completed the install of all wing and fin mounted servos and surfaces ,extension leads ,power box ,turbine and all related equipment.