Highlights of the Wimborne Model Aero Club's jet turbine and EDF Jet Day and Camping Weekend held on the 16th & 17 th September. Skies overcast early in the day with some intermittent light rain and breezy conditions but the event continued. As the day progressed the weather improved and a good day was had by those pilots who turned up and flew. Although there were a couple of unfortunate landings but no serious damage to landing gear.

Four awards were given out for Best Turbine Flight, Best Turbine on Show, Best EDF Flight and Best EDF model on Show. Some stayed on for the evening entertainment. Although Sunday was forecast for high winds and torrential rain.

  • jiri-best-turbine in show
  • jon-best-turbine-flight
  • matt-best-edf
  • steve-best-edf-flight

Runtime 68 mins HD - Highlights of 13 flights