L39 Albatros from Fey Bao 1:5 scale,  beautifully painted and weathered from the factory,  custom number 79 as the owner's birth year :-)  He has done modifications to gear doors so they close after gear down for the super scale look.  JR servos all round,  Jeti Radio System with dual receivers redundancy,  speed, fuel, pressure , voltage and mAh Jeti  sensors for real time telemetry in flight,  Power Box smoke system,  Jeti 5400mAh batteries running all servos,  Jet Tronics valves on gear , doors , front battery hatch, air brakes and wheel brakes,  Jet Tronics sequencer and don't forget the Mighty Evo Jet 180 Jet engine, FTC bubble trap,  Festo fittings all round and Uni Lights pro lighting system that gives the model outstanding scale presence.  This baby took him a little over a year to put together and he did take his time to make sure everything is perfect. 

Added 130 grams of led to the nose for slightly forward CG to be on the safe side, although after the maiden flight will be removing about 50 grams as a  little nose heavy.  Dry weight of the model is 19.6 Kg.  Holds 5 litres of kerosene and 600ml of smoke oil which last 40 seconds when switched on continuously.
Jiri says, "It is a fantastic,  easy to fly jet,  can't wait to get her out again!"