• 2T Glow Engine Tuning

    Typical OS Two Stroke Carburettor

    Two Stroke Glow Engine

    There is a popular saying, “Takeoffs are optional, but landings are mandatory,” and for us RC pilots this is most relevant.. If your engine is not properly tuned, the landings or possible "deadsticks" can become very interesting to say the least.  Landings need precise throttle control as you begin your descent on approach.  Deadstick aptly named if your engine quits is to be avoided at all costs especially if you are downwind and have little or no chance of attempting to glide back to your field unless you have significant height when it happened.

    Although questions on tuning glow engines does create many and numerous answers, just search the internet as you will be presented with hundreds or more.  However, here is our guide to setting the engine up right which we pass on to our members.

  • Dave R's Spitfire MKII and Formation?

    Dave Roger's Spitfire MKII by Hangar 9 (discontinued) fitted with inverted 120 four stroke, 15x8 prop. After some fuel problems it finally got a maiden on a wet, chilly, miserable day with low cloud in January 2018.

    Jon Tappin took the maiden after "little" persuasion. After pairing his other Spitfire (unknown brand) to a spare TX it was time to give a formation flight attempt along with a small foamy Spitfire. All good fun! The Spitfire flew superbly and at half throttle just cruised along. Wished I had not sold it to him now ******** Lol

  • Glow Engine Tuning

    Never Run Your Engine Lean!

    It is just as critical for a nitro engine to have adequate lubrication and cooling as it is for an vehicle engine. Some of the heat from a nitro-powered engine is removed by air from the propeller moving across the fins on the engine’s head. This is not nearly enough to keep the engine from overheating. For this reason the fuel acts as a coolant to remove the heat from the engine.

  • Glow Engines?

    OS 0.55  Two Stroke

    The following article will give you an insight to what is required basically to get started into RC Flight with a high wing trainer type model powered by a glow fuel two stroke engine.  The modesl used for this purpose are the Seagull Boomerang and the Black horse Speed Air but many other models follow a similar pattern. Both these models are trike landing gear, they have steerable front wheel and two main gear landing legs.

     You can also compare the cost of getting started with either glow or electric.

    You will need some items for your tool box and these will be explained....

     What basics do I need to get started in Glow Power?

  • Scrap Box Challenge

    ted 2 iage

    Scrap Box Challenge

    A Lockdown Project.  Hopefully by the time this is published, ‘lockdowns’ will be a fading memory. In mid-2020 like a lot of us, I was stuck at home (we weren’t allowed out) and everywhere was shut, including our flying field (I was a member at Sevenoaks & District MAC then) and the model shops. To pass the time, I decided to build a plane from my box of spare and offcut balsa and plywood, plus other bits and pieces I’ve accumulated over the years.

  • SIG "Something" Extra

    SIG Somethin’ EXTRA .  51 ½ inch span, SC52 2 stroke, 4 channels + flaps, finished with Oracover and Sola film. The box says ‘The design can be set up to fly as sedately as a trainer or switch to high rates and roll so quickly you can’t count them, perform violent snap rolls, enter upright or inverted spins with instant recovery confidence and while you’re at it, lay it on it’s side and knife edge into the next county’.

  • Wots Wot - EP

    wots wot

    Designed by Chris Foss and sold by Ripmax this biplane has become a popular model in an instant.  The first batch of models sold out quickly along with option packs.  The second batch turned up but the option packs were in short supply.  For me this put the purchase of the model on hold till the electric pack became available. This ARF comes as an airframe only, leaving the user to decide on the power option.