Wimborne MAC annual Memorial Fun Day 2022. Highlights of the Day.  After two years of cancellations due to Covid and prior to that two years cancellations due to weather conditions we finally got our wish and a rather too warm but a sunny day with clear skies. General sport flying with slots for fun events. A big turn out of models and many were flown, some on their maiden flight. Warbirds a plenty as usual. Fun events were Climb n Glide and Timed flight trials, mass launch of the Panther F9F team and the final fun was the bomb drop, members having a choice of a golf ball or an egg.

The Panther Team flew again and their were a few "near misses".  Matt unfortunately ploughed into the ground on launch and Mitch tried to copy Phil Ford's vertical take-off (jammed elevator) on Scale Day with his own Panther to shouts of "down elevator" twice in case he had not heard.

Nearly everyone had a go regardless of their capabilities and it is not as easy as you think. In fact only 15% managed to drop within the bounds which was within the width of the runway. Causing much mirth among the contestants. A brilliant day was had by all. Hoping 2023 will be as good if not better.

Video runtime:16m 20secs