With the weather being rather unsettled for RC flying I decided on an indoor job to keep me occupied. A little test project using a "Mr RC world" module to simulate the start up sound of the Twin Otter's, twin turbo prop engines. The two Twin Otter models I have are electric powered and are the Hangar 9 and the Nexa, the latter slightly smaller. Electric reliable power but virtually silent and I miss the sound of engines.

I would have favoured the Hangar 9 version as glow but was concerned by the chance of a engine out whilst in the air and being able to figure which one before not turning into the dead engine which would invariably cause a spiral into the ground.

The module is triggered when I move my throttle trim up from just before motors turn. This way I can simulate the start up sound and on hearing the tone change where the props will start turning I can move throttle up to start both motors to idling speed.

As my voice does not come over well for narration I asked Ian Google to narrate for me and then added his narration to create sub-titles for the hard of hearing. That includes me too!

If you choose to view on YT you also enable transcribe