Waiting on stragglers for the EDF mass launch

Highlights of our annual event featuring warbirds, general aviation models and turbine jets. Sunny day luckily (this is England and it's lucky when you consider the event was planned back in January) with minimal cloud but gusting cross winds from NE blowing through the gaps in hedge line making it turbulent at touchdown.  The NE wind and gusts did not set back any flying  and most got a least two flights in. Just one incident with a model pulling out it's landing gear.  The flightline was well filled with all types of models from end to end of the line.  The car park was by late morning full to capacity by spectators.

 Of couse many thanks to those volunteer members who got there early to help with setting up the event.

Video runtime 24 mins

I did not capture all the flights as I was occupied elsewhere. 90 mins of video recording edited down to 24 mins.