Previously test flown successfully and in this video the owner, Simon gets a chance on the sticks assisted by Jon our top test pilot. This the 80 inch wingspan version from Seagull models. Powered by an OS 40cc four stroke petrol engine, 10 servos. The model comes with split flaps and retracts with oleo legs. This is Simon's pride and joy!  This version has invasion stripes so is much later than the speech by Winston Churchill in 1940 featured at the beginning of this video. Back then they would've had just camoflage.

Simon says:
In 1979 attempted to build a Mick Reeves kit Spitfire. Failed to finish it and along with an original Chris Foss Wot4 kit that he had built and 4 channel Futaba radio set sold up and gave up the hobby. Much later on......

I decided to make a further attempt at putting a Spitfire together and decides to purchase the Seagull ARTF kit along with the engine, servos and finishing parts from Probuild in December 2018.

I had enormous help from Kevin Ross to fabricate an exhaust that would remain within the fuselage and then lots of assistance from John Ireland to set up the model and at the same time programme my newly acquired Futaba 18 MZ transmitter to fly the model. After much encouragement from Jon Tappin over many months I plucked up the courage to take the Spitfire to Cashmoor in November last year for Jon to carry out the maiden flight. It was quite a special moment to see the Spit fly.

I finally took the controls on Saturday last (18th January 2020) and thoroughly enjoyed the long awaited (in actual fact, 40 years!) experience of flying a Spitfire. Grateful thanks to Jon Tappin for getting me there.

Video runtime 6m 08secs