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Wimborne model Aero club hosts annual IMAC competition. Highlights of the IMAC Competition hosted by Wimborne MAC at  Cashmoor, Dorset, England over the weekend of the 21st & 22nd May 2016.

Saturday became a washout due to heavy and continuous rain.  Rounds were mostly accomplished on the Sunday, fairly warm and reasonable skies but with a few sudden showers. Five competitors were from WMAC members.


mike seale atlas

From plans WimborneMAC club member Mike Seale scratch built this 70's classic pattern plane in very short time.  Electric powered with SK3 motor, Jetcraft electric retracts.  Maidened on the 27th February 2016 at our Cashmoor field.  Not ideal conditions, grey skies, 6 degrees C and a biting 15mph wind it felt like 1C.  However, Mike was unperturbed and and after a warm up flight with his previously built Angel pattern gave the Atlas it's first flight.  Getting the feel of it first!

A short while later Chris Wild was so impressed he beavered away in his workshop and built one himself. Flies equally well too.

Filmed during Scale Day 2016 - 

Video of a large scale Panther F9F scratch built turbine model by member Pete Chilver. Piloted by our esteemed test pilot Jon Tappin and then the second flight by Pete himself.

Now it's flying good (except for the nose gear failing to come down) Pete will now concentrate on finishing another scratch built war bird - The Hawker Hunter.


Wimborne MAC Scale Day 2016. Re-maiden flight of John Ireland's Hawker Hunter. Previously it had an issue with landing gear collapse but now sorted. It flew magnificently and is quite fast with ample power. Fuel load is 4 litres which gives good flight times. Flaps definitely needed and used as you will see in the movie.

Port main gear got stuck when retracting, so making some tight turns to see if the "G" would help it up but came down and locked on landing, so that was good.

Piloted initially by the club's test pilot Jon Tappin and then by John himself. Smiles all around.