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duncan mcclure

This is the Fixed Wing ‘B’ Test demonstration and guidance for potential test candidates. Taking you through tthe pre-flight checks, the test flight and what is expected to the post flight round up.  Candidates should watch the “Getting Started” and BMFA "A" test videos first.

Demonstration film produced by Peter Willis and flown by Duncan McClure, aerial footage by Chris Bradbury.  Filmed at Wimborne MAC's Cashmoor field.

Maiden flight of a 5 foot flying wing with scratch built fuselage, INAV flight controller. winglets are modified Eflite Opterra and detachable. Motor SK3 1250kv on 4 cells and 10x 7 prop. Launched using a bungy ramp at 19 lbs initial pull. Two cameras, RunCam Eagle Pro in nose and top deck a Mobius HD cam on a 60 degree panning servo.


A fairly recent creation when flying is held off due to weather and stuck at home with idle fingers. Based on a JP 48 inch wing span slope soarer. Custom made fuselage to hold the ESC, flight battery and receiver. The extended nose balances out the weight of the motor. Power train is SK3 3536 1400kv, 60 amp Hobbywing ESC. Usual battery is a 4 cell 1800mah but will squeeze a 2200maH if compact.

B25 Mitchell

Ferndown Fete on the Field 2019 was bigger than ever this year

Again Wimborne MAC was asked to support this annual event with static and model flying displays.  With the gratefully accepted help and support from club members we had a good static display and flying displays from various types of aricraft the likes of sebart Wind 110's, Super Chipmunk, B25 Mitchell with Spitfire escort and a number of Korean War 50's  MIG versus F86 Sabres EDF jet flight.

All this on the lower field meanwhile in the main arena club  members had an Information Centre, Flight Simulator and more static displays.  Here members of the public can use the flight sim and ask questions about our club and hobby.

Also see some still images in our Gallery - Ferndown Fete 2019