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Wimborne MAC member Dave Bright flies his Durafly Spitfire after sun down at our Cashmoor field.  With no wind and good throttle control he got at least 8 mins flight time.  The "position lights" come as standard fit.  1100 mm wing span. 3 blade prop. Split flaps. Servo-less retracts.

Extreme Flight 104

Sunday happened to be the final flight of Weston Park 2017. Jase says he has had a great time in the UK and  hopes to come back!  It was his first time at Weston Park and he was very impressed. It was a huge show with over 20,000 spectators. The event organizers did a fantastic job on this one he said. He was also  honored to have received the "Best of Show" award.

The weekend of May 13th and 14th saw the second round of this years IMAC competition held at Wimborne MAC's  Cashmoor field.  Three Wimborne members entered this year, Jon Tappin, Phil Mitchell and Steve Morris. The weather was much more favourable than lasts year's near washout on the Saturday requiring all rounds to be completed on the Sunday.  So, this year with far better conditions albiet with a fair breeze and gusts off centre line of field at about 30 degrees (SouWesterly)

Results for Wimborne members were: Jon Tappin (Unlimited) 2nd place.  Phil Mitchell (Unlimited) 3rd place.  Jon says that he knew it was going to be close call with fellow competitor Tom David who gained Ist place  by a fraction. Steve competed again in the Sportsman catgeory but unfortunately having two "misses" placed him at 6th in that category. Just one of those days Steve!

lauren richardson

Filmed at Bygone Days 2015. Bygone Days has been held for 25 years with proceeds going to local charities. Model aircraft displays are also put on by WimborneMAC and Salisbury MFC. The event is held where once RAF Ibsley was located during WWII. Full size aircraft also make a visit at this event including Spitfires, Harvards, Sopwith Camels, Swip Duo Team.

Lauren Richardson became British female aerobatic champion for 2012. The following year she gained her authorisation to fly displays.

Bygone Days is no longer held as of 2015 but held in memories for many of the thousands of visitors who enjoyed the weekends.