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Early October and the weather is fair for a while yet so the field gets as much use as possible.  Jon Tappin starts his day at the field with some aerobatic and 3D flying with his Extreme Flight 85 inch wingspan Extra.  Smooth rollings, tumbles and hanging on the prop. Powered by a DLE61 blowing through a MVVS canister muffler.  Such a spectacular thing to watch with not much room for errors.  Jon was unaware that I had the camera running although I originally wanted to set up the white balance in readness for a another member's Jet maiden later  in the day. See MIG 29


mig 29

Picked the model up from club member Mark Vandervelden late last year. He decided he wasn’t going to get round to putting it together .  Although being similar to my F15 it was thought to be an easier airframe to handle due to a wider track undercarriage, ailerons and flaps which I don’t have on the F15.  Mark did the install of fuel and air lines and also installed the fuel tanks and some fuselage mounted servos.  I completed the install of all wing and fin mounted servos and surfaces ,extension leads ,power box ,turbine and all related equipment.

observer UAV

Maiden flight after fitting an INAV flight controller. Initial flight to trim aircraft and check power demands and video signal. Now that it is trimmed the Flight Controller can now be fine tuned. Once this is done the aircraft can be made to fly level (Horizon) or maintain altitude (AltHold). Or circle round a point (Loiter) and fly back to where it took off RTL (Return to Launch) where it will again circle around this point.


Warbirds a plenty!  Jumping up a level from the good number of EDF Panthers, MIG15s and Sabres we now have from Club member Jon Tappin new addition to his expanding fleet of warbirds now he has finished IMAC for his year. This Me262 is from Freewing. later versons have more camouflage and numbered Yellow 7.

With exceptionally fair weather for England in October Jon maidened this EPO molded warbird successfully - would not thought any less! It had a nice harmonised whine from the fan units and runs off just one lipo pack.